My parents and sister, for making me the man I am, and for requiring me to play Christmas Carole’s prior to opening gifts! For encouraging me, and for even being able to afford a saxophone, (and lessons)!

My extended family for helping make me me!

To my friends, for all of their encouragement and support, especially Mike Whisler for introducing me to Eric.

To my music teachers:

Paula Angus
Karen Hart
Sharilyn Bovey
Mike Boyd
Farrell (Doc) Coy

For such a wonderful experience playing as a young man. It has carried me through life, playing music.

To my bandmates over the past 30 years. Such fun! The best of times!

To my bandmates on this record:

Jim Reeves
Jack Hill
Roger Karlsson
Wolf Marshall

For making the live performances on this record what they are.

To Don Skelton and Chris Montgomery
as part of that band that has been playing La Costa Resort’s Blue Fire Grill for 3 years running.

To Joey (Alfano the Paisano) Alfano
for having us at the Blue Fire grill, and giving us such great opportunity through the years.

Chalize Zolezzi at Taylor Guitars
for all of the wonderful help and great instruments!

Theo Wanne at Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces
for some really phenomenal equipment that helps me make my sound.

The makers of Vandoren Classic #2 and # 2.5 reeds.
A critical part and really the beginning of the ‘sound’.

Jeff Peterson and Mike Cleveland @ Horn Improvement.
Mike thanks for the PHENOMENAL setups on my horns!

Courtney Buffett for all of the photography.

Jeff McCullough - for capturing and blending the sounds we all made into the best record we could make! (not to mention some critical performances on the record!) Your skill is humbling, and I am thankful you applied it on my behalf.

Jeff Lorber - for writing such hip and wonderful tunes, and playing them in only the way you can. It is such a privilege to get to work with you, I have learned so much, and look forward to doing this again! I have listened to you for 25 years, and to be able to play on a recording with you is a privilege, truly.

Eric Marienthal - I can’t decide if you are the big brother I never had, the wise sensei of saxophone, producer extraordinaire, or just a wonderful human being I work to be more like. – Probably all of the above. Without your encouragement, mentorship, skill, musicianship, leadership, compassion, and enthusiasm, this work likely would not have happened, and definitely would not have turned out the way you ensured that it did. I am so deeply thankful for your presence in my life. It is much richer and complete as a result. I am forever thankful. Simply: I am humbled by your willingness and the effort you put forth to help me realize a lifelong dream.